Welcome to our new blog!  We figure that a trip to Paris is great, but an informed trip to Paris c’est magnifique!  It is our hope that this blog can become a family knowledge repository, and that we can build it over the course of the year.  If you have time, please add to it, but if you don’t, nobody’s mad, we just hope you will still find a few minutes to review what others post.  We promise your life will be better for it! Comment or question as you wish!

Some suggestions:

1. If you have read a book, list it, review it, and maybe offer a synopsis or some really fun quotes.

2. Select a person or period you want to learn about, then share what you have found.  This can be as simple as posting some wikipedia links, pictures or quick thoughts or reactions.

3. If you find a great website, go here and post it so that others can link through to it and enjoy it as much as you do.

4. Use this to ask questions about trip planning, and offer suggestions to the team.

We will ultimately use this site to build our itinterary, and hopefully to blog about our trip as it is actually happening, so that we can have a collective journal all while allowing our family members to follow us on our journey.

We are over the moon at the thought of the once in a lifetime opportunity before us, and we want to milk everything out of it that we can!

Join us!

Jen and Jon